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Welcome to Panelbase!

Panelbase is one of the fastest growing research communities on the internet, offering members the opportunity to provide their opinions on a range of products and services, as well as topical issues.

As a registered member, you can earn rewards for participating in different types of research studies.

Making your voice heard on a diverse range of subjects, with the opportunity to participate in online surveys and communities, focus groups, home product tests and more. Sharing your opinion and experiences can influence brands and organisations to help shape future products and services.

Every market research opportunity you participate in and complete will earn you rewards in cash into your Panelbase account which you can withdraw via BACS to your UK bank account or request vouchers which will be sent to your UK address after you achieve a minimum threshold level of only £10.00. Remember, upon successful registration we will automatically reward your Panelbase account with £3.00 as a thank you for joining our membership.

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