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Important News: Angus Webb, Managing Director & Founder of Panelbase

Angus Webb

It is with immense sadness that we announce that our Managing Director & Founder of Panelbase, Angus Webb, has passed away from COVID-19 on 8th April 2020.

No words can express the feeling of devastation we all feel at the loss of our Founder.

He was hugely influential and highly-respected figure in the panel industry within the UK and worldwide. Panelbase was his vision, his 'baby', that he launched in 2005.

He knew right from the start and always held in the highest regard the value of our members, in providing the best possible service and experience. He had so much pride in our Trustpilot score from your feedback, with the loyalty with so many of you being part of our active membership for so long and the positive personal feedback many of you have offered over the years.

We are business as usual, but we wanted to share this tragic news with you all and we thank you for your continued support.

Stay safe and well.


Your Panelbase Team

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