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Make your voice heard on a diverse range of subjects by participating in online surveys, communities, focus groups and product tests.

Oh, did we also mention you get rewarded too!

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Sharing your opinion and experiences can influence brands and organisations to help shape future products and services.

Every market research opportunity you participate in and complete will earn you rewards in cash into your Panelbase account which you can withdraw via BACS to your UK bank account or request vouchers which will be sent to your UK address after you achieve a minimum threshold level of only £10.00. Remember, upon successful registration we will automatically reward your Panelbase account with £3.00 as a thank you for joining our membership.

Research Types

As a registered member, you can earn rewards for participating in different types of research studies.

Focus Groups
Product Testing

Internet Surveys

Are self-completion surveys which you access using an Internet browser such as Edge, Firefox or Chrome.. The surveys appear like a web site or series of web pages and are easy to navigate. The subject matter can be anything from; sporting events, television soaps, confectionery, consumer goods to politics. Many of our Internet surveys also include multimedia content such as music, TV adverts or virtual magazines, which we ask you to review and then answer some questions about what you have seen or heard.

Typically, we will send you a survey invitation via email and/or text message letting you know the details of the survey and the cut-off date by which you would need to complete it. Upon successful completion of the survey, you will be rewarded with between £0.25 - £10.00 which we add directly to your Panelbase account. Many of our Internet surveys also offer entry in to a prize draw!

Internet surveys

Phone Surveys

Are similar to Internet surveys but instead of being self-completion, one of our professional telephone researchers would call you and talk you through the survey. These surveys can last anywhere between 1 and 20 minutes and can be based upon a wide range of topics from insurance services, to television programmes and politics.

We sometimes conduct surveys over the telephone that involve listening to short audio samples. We may ask you to evaluate a small selection of music files during the telephone call and then ask you some brief questions about the music you have listened to.

Upon successful completion of the survey, you will be rewarded with between £0.50 - £10.00 which we add directly to your Panelbase account. Many of our telephone surveys also offer entry in to a prize draw.

Phone surveys

SMS Surveys

Are a fun way of taking part in research surveys regardless of where you are. These surveys are usually a lot shorter than Internet or telephone surveys, comprising a handful of questions on any one of a range of topics. We have recently undertaken SMS projects on topics.

There are no premiums involved with taking part in SMS surveys (ALL messages that you receive/send from/to us cost you nothing and you won't even see the reply messages on your bill)

Upon successful completion of SMS surveys, you are usually rewarded with between £0.50 - £10.00, which we add directly to your Panelbase account. Many of our SMS surveys also offer entry in to a prize draw!

You will NEVER receive unsolicited messages to your mobile phone as a result of opting in to take part in SMS/text-based surveys. We always take great care when storing and handling your personal details and NEVER give these to 3rd parties.

SMS Surveys
Focus Groups

Focus Groups

Are a great way to participate in research alongside a small number of other respondents. We conduct focus groups all over the UK and on a range of subject matters. We have recently undertaken group discussions on topics such as; cooking ingredients, beauty products, electrical products, company vehicles, politics, and tourism.

Focus groups usually last no longer than 90 minutes and are held during the early evening in a local hotel or other specialist venue. One of our professional researchers is on-hand during the focus group to guide the course of the group discussion. They will contact you in advance of the group taking place to make sure you know how to get there and what you should bring (usually nothing more than your thoughts on the topic in-hand!).

Participants who attend and contribute to the focus group are usually rewarded with between £20 - £50. Refreshments and snacks are also provided during the focus group, but we expect you to make your own way to the venue. We'll give you directions and confirm timings well in advance to make sure that you know where to find the session.

Focus groups

Postal Surveys

Are similar to Internet and telephone surveys but are printed on paper and sent to you via the postal system. As the surveys are self-completion, you can answer the questions whenever is convenient to you, as long as you return your completed questionnaire before the stipulated deadline of course!

All we ask is that you answer all of the questions within the survey and return the survey to us in the pre-paid envelope. Upon successful completion of the survey, and once we have validated your returned survey paperwork, you will be rewarded with between £0.50 - £10.00 which we add directly to your Panelbase account. Many of our postal surveys also offer entry in to a prize draw!

Postal surveys
Product Testing

Product Testing

Product testing provides you with the opportunity of sampling goods such as confectionery, cereals or washing powder in order that manufacturers are able to improve the goods that they produce.

Product testing research usually lasts between 15 and 60 minutes and is conducted in a venue in your local area or with the products sent to your home address.

Participants who complete product tests are usually rewarded with between £2 - £20 (depending on duration of interview and product testing). For out-of-home projects, we would usually contact you by email or telephone in advance of the product testing to verify that you are available on the required dates/times, and provide you with more information (e.g. venue location) at that time. For in-home projects we will contact you via email and invite you to complete a short qualification survey to establish your suitability for the product test.

Product testing