As many of our surveys provide you with entry in to prize draws as well as depositing rewards directly in to your Panelbase account, you have the chance to win anything from a case of wine to a huge plasma TV.

Here are just a few examples of prizes that Panelbase members have already won along with some feedback regarding the different types of survey that we offer...

July 2019Anita from Cambridge has won £50
Audrey from Washington has won £50
Gary from Liverpool has won £10
Heather from Glasgow has won £10
Jacqueline from Dereham has won £10
John from Stourbridge has won £10
Mahreen from Blackburn has won £10
Naia from Surrey has won £10
Roberta from Cardiff has won £10
Sarah from Aberystwyth has won £10
Shirley from Sidmouth has won £10
Teresa from London has won £10
Brian from London has won £5
Caroline from High Wycombe has won £5
Elizabeth from Carmarthen has won £5
Francis from Wolverhampton has won £5
Jamil from Blackburn has won £5
Janet from HULL has won £5
John from Torquay has won £5
Julie from Wrexham has won £5
Katie from St Helier has won £5
Kelly from Aldershot has won £5
Ken from Cheltenham has won £5
Marilyn from Ashtead has won £5
Martin from Hampton has won £5
Michael from Alloa has won £5
Sharon from Shildon has won £5
Siobhan from Warrington has won £5
Stella from Peterborough has won £5
Tim from Nottingham has won £5
Um from London has won £5
Albert from corby has won £2
Alison from peterborough has won £2
Anna from Telford has won £2
Aynsley from Sutton Coldfield has won £2
Ben from London has won £2
Ben from Nottingham has won £2
Carol from Nr Peterborough has won £2
Christopher from Sidmouth has won £2
David from Aberdare has won £2
David from Wisbech has won £2
Dilanka from London has won £2
Emma from Billingham has won £2
Emma from Gourock has won £2
Erica from Bromley has won £2
Helen from Thirsk has won £2
Irene from Chesterfield has won £2
James from Basingstoke has won £2
Jan from Edinburgh has won £2
Jason from Sheffield has won £2
Jean from Wilmslow has won £2
Jennifer from Bury has won £2
Jessica from Manchester has won £2
Jodie from Birmingham has won £2
Julie from Peterborough has won £2
Karen from Birmingham has won £2
Kathryn from Leicester has won £2
Keighley from Luton has won £2
Ken from Manchester has won £2
Kenneth from Glasgow has won £2
Kevin from Cheam has won £2
Kevin from Nottingham has won £2
Laila from Solihull has won £2
Laura from manchester has won £2
Lidija from LONDON has won £2
Luisa from Bristol has won £2
Lukas from London has won £2
Margaret from Newcastle upon Tyne has won £2
Michelle from Hull has won £2
Nicola from Manchester has won £2
Pamela from macclesfield has won £2
Pat from Kidderminster has won £2
Sally from Colchester has won £2
Shiralee from Hereford has won £2
Shoaib from Rochdale has won £2
Stephen from North Ferriby has won £2
Steven from radcliffe has won £2
Susan from Bristol has won £2
Tulugh from London has won £2
Valerie from Livingston has won £2
Vincent from Leeds has won £2
Aimee from Long Eaton has won £1
Alice from Wigan has won £1
Andrew from Chester Le Street has won £1
Andrew from huddersfield has won £1
Andrew from LISNASKEA has won £1
Andrew from PLYMOUTH has won £1
Anne from Ashford has won £1
Becca from OLDBURY has won £1
Beth from Bury has won £1
Beverley from Dumbarton has won £1
Brian from Frizington has won £1
Brian from Lightwater has won £1
Bryn from ABERYSTWYTH has won £1
Cherie from Dumfries has won £1
Christina from Stornoway has won £1
Darryl from Bordon has won £1
David from Coventry has won £1
David from STOCKTON ON TEES has won £1
Debbie from st helens has won £1
Dennis from Grantham has won £1
Diane from Glasgow has won £1
Donald from Fochabers has won £1
Edna from Carnoustie has won £1
Elaine from Elland has won £1
Ellie from Cheltenham has won £1
Ernest from Barling Magna has won £1
Fiona from Dollar has won £1
Gary from Ripon has won £1
Helene from Trowbridge has won £1
Hugh from Caernarfon has won £1
Jacqueline from Basingstoke has won £1
Jacqui from cleckheaton has won £1
James from ALEXANDRIA has won £1
Jane from Manchester has won £1
Janice from Gorebridge has won £1
Jennifer from Ellon has won £1
Jenny from Birmingham has won £1
Jess from Huddersfield has won £1
Jessica from Dinas Powys has won £1
Jessica from Exeter has won £1
Jessie from Kilbarchan has won £1
Joanne from Mid Glamorgan has won £1
John from Dudley has won £1
John from Ledbury has won £1
Judith from Blackpool has won £1
Julian from London has won £1
Karen from SALFORD has won £1
Karen from Spalding has won £1
Karyn from Cumbernauld has won £1
Kat from Plymouth has won £1
Kay from Darwen has won £1
Kevin from Newry has won £1
Kim from Basingstoke has won £1
Lakshmi from Sutton has won £1
Laura from Coventry has won £1
Laura from Ferryhill has won £1
Lee from Wirral has won £1
Marilyn from Preston has won £1
Marise from Solihull has won £1
Martyn from evesham has won £1
Mary from Glasgow has won £1
Mary from Middleton has won £1
Mary from Newtownabbey has won £1
Mary from Ryton has won £1
Medha from LONDON has won £1
Michael from London has won £1
Michaela from Manchester has won £1
Michelle from Derby has won £1
Mike from Bridgend has won £1
Nicolle from Winslow has won £1
Patricia from Blackpark has won £1
Paul from Liverpool has won £1
Paul from Stockton On Tees has won £1
Philip from Petersfield has won £1
Praveena from Aberdeen has won £1
Preslava from London has won £1
Rachel from Glasgow has won £1
Rajveer from Glasgow has won £1
Richard from Seaford has won £1
Richell from Oakham has won £1
Samantha from Bridgend has won £1
Sarah from Farnborough has won £1
Sarah from High Wycombe has won £1
Shalisa from London has won £1
Sheila from LEIGH has won £1
Snezha from London has won £1
Stephanie from St Helens has won £1
Stephen from Paignton has won £1
Stuart from Dereham has won £1
Stuart from Llandrindod Wells has won £1
Stuart from Southampton has won £1
Stuart from Tavistock has won £1
Sumbal from Birmingham has won £1
Suzanne from Carmarthen has won £1
Talula from Manchester has won £1
Tom from chelmsford has won £1
Tracy from epsom has won £1
Vanessa from Walsall has won £1
Vicki from Walsall has won £1
Victoria from Glasgow has won £1

Winners testimonials
Mr B from Merseyside won £250 cash and said, "This is utterly fantastic. I have never won anything this big before. This couldn't have come at a better time due to our upcoming family holiday. I have used other survey sites in the past and after months of completing surveys I have walked away with possibly a £10 voucher, never a £250 cheque!! surveys are quicker, more interesting and suited to my interests, so each one I can complete in full - and to top it all off, being entered into a worthwhile draw at the end. Thank you so much."

Miss B from Glossop redeemed £20 as a cheque payment and said, "I must say how prompt you are at sending the cheques out. I claimed my reward on Sunday 13th April, and I received the cheque today, Thursday 17th April. This is the quickest turnaround I have experienced....also you are very prompt in dealing with questions."

Mrs L from Norwich won a 80GB Apple iPod after completing a survey about music. Mrs L said, "I was delighted to hear that I had won the iPod after taking part in the music survey. The survey was really fun and only took me 10 minutes to complete. I'm really looking forward to hearing my own music selections on my brand new iPod. Thanks for making Christmas come early!!"
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