For every survey that you complete, you will be rewarded in one of two ways. Most surveys will carry rewards between £0.25 and £10 (depending on survey duration and complexity), which we will add directly to your Panelbase account. In addition to receiving cash, for every survey you are not able to complete, you are rewarded with an entry into our monthly prize draw with a chance to win one of the following prizes into your Panelbase account:

2 x £50.00
10 x £10.00
20 x £5.00
100 x £2.00
250 x £1.00

Check out the list of winners on our panel for last month!

As soon as you reach the redemption threshold of £10, and as long as you are a UK member, you can withdraw rewards by BACS (direct in to your bank account) or vouchers. The vouchers we offer are Love2shop and Compliments vouchers which can be used in over 70 high-street retail outlets. Alternatively, you may choose to keep saving your rewards for a rainy day. Most Panelbase members prefer their rewards to be paid directly in to their bank account via BACS, which means they receive their rewards within 7 days and can spend them however they wish!

We have also introduced the option of donating your cash to charity. Currently you can choose from the following charities:
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